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Headquartered in Reno, Nevada, Ace Hospitality Services Group was established in 1991. Since then, Ace Hospitality Services Group provides cleaning and staffing services to various hotel brands synonymous with luxury and consistency.

Our hospitality experience carries over into other facilities such as hospitals, country clubs, government buildings and stand alone restaurants. All of which encompass our entire service partner list.

As of early 2017, Ace Hospitality Services Group employs over 1000 employees in more than 10 states. Ace Hospitality Services Group focuses on providing competitive wages, health benefits, including an optional 401k, to full time employees.

Ace Hospitality Services Group leadership believes an employee who feels valued in the workplace will deliver better service to our clients and their customers.

Ace Hospitality Services Group has a proven track record of delivering quality line level and supervisory staff while consistently achieving the results requested of our company. Han Kim, President and Owner of Ace Hospitality Service Group, Inc, started the company performing all the tasks necessary to deliver a quality finished product. This knowledge and determination carries over into our core business model. Our management staff has spent time polishing marble, cleaning kitchens and bathrooms, and waxing floors.

Ace Hospitality Services Group is a certified minority owned business through the National Minority Supplier Development Council. Ace Hospitality Services Group has followed a slow and steady growth pattern to ensure we are providing quality service to all existing and new hotel facilities. Ace Hospitality Services Group does not employ a sales staff, instead focusing on our service to advance our good name. We are known for delivering consistent product maintenance and attention to detail.

Through its dedicated and passionate leadership Ace Hospitality Services Group has earned a reputation of delivering reliable and well-trained employees who meet and exceed our hotel and facility partner’s expectations.


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